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With Traxx, we can bring growth and innovation to the country through our Performance Monitoring Software


Our Vision

To create a productive and efficient workforce for a better Philippines

Our Mission

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To provide monitoring and
productivity tools in the workplace, empowering and motivating teams to
manage projects effortlessly

Productivity & Efficiency

Efficiency refers to the amount of effort and resources people put into work, while productivity is all about the amount of work done over a certain period of time.

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Productivity is about achieving the best output no matter the situation. Companies do not become more productive because their budgets or timelines grow.

Productivity is proactive.


Efficiency is reactive.

Efficiency is more about survival. Or, at the very least, efficiency is about trying to do the same work with fewer resources.

At Traxx...

We improve both productivity and efficiency in the workplace


Motivating workers through a gamified experience to accomplish more tasks without sacrificing quality.


We organize and create a streamlined process flow for easy communication & collaboration which will aid in saving time and resources.

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